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HEADSHOTS: The secret to selling YOUR mission and the value YOU provide?


Every one of us makes our living by pushing products or services, whether business or talent related.

The reality is: YOU ARE the product you’re selling.

There’s plenty of competition in every business, with lots of the similar products and prices. So what gets you the sale, the contract, the gig?


It starts with the first impression, and your Headshot often plays that role. It reveals an immediate no-filtered perspective of you and your brand.

• Are you confident?

• What’s your work style?

• Can you be counted on today, and down the road?

Who’s looking that close

at your Headshot?

Your team is. Past and potential clients, a hiring manager, a casting director or talent agent. Everyone.

Yours are big shoes to fill. And you’ve got less than a quarter of a second to give the right impression.

You’re the one to help people cross whatever goal line they are fighting for.


• You attracted the right people to help you passionately reach your goals

• You changed the conversation of what you offer away from products and prices, towards how you best serve clients

• You confidently gave the perception that there’s a cost for not choosing you – without saying a word

You can. With the right Headshot.

Are you the right professional to reach your goals and help whoever you work with do the same?

I say, Yes You Are.

Let’s capture your best Headshot

so you can get to work...

Your Way

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